2021 Annual Meeting

2021 MPPC Annual Meeting 

January 19-22, 25-26, 2021
08:00 AM-12:30 PM EST (UTC+5)
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Tuesday, January 19, 2020
08:00 ~ 08:10     Welcome/Logistics          P. Helander (IPP-Greifswald) / A. Bhattacharjee (Princeton)
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08:10 ~ 09:50     Chair: P. Helander (IPP-Greifswald)  
  08:10~08:50 “Magnetic Reconnection: A Celestial Phenomenon in the Laboratory”
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J. Egedal (UW-Madison)
  08:50~09:20 “Modeling of Current Crashes in W7-X”
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K. Aleynikova (IPP-Greifswald)
Current Crashes
  09:20~09:50 “Stellarators with Permanent Magnets”
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C. Zhu (PPPL)
Stellarators with Permanent Magnetics
09:50 ~ 10:10 Coffee  
10:10 ~ 12:30    Chair: M. Kunz (Princeton)  
  10:10~10:50 “Chasing Asymptotic Nonlinear Dynamos”
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F. Rincon (CNRS, France)
Chasing Dynamos
  10:50~11:20 “Plasma Dynamo Laboratory Experiments”
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A. Bott (Princeton)
Investigating Dynamo Processes with Laser Experiments
  11:20~11:50 “The Impact of Cosmic-Rays on Galaxy Formation”
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E. Quataert (Princeton)
Cosmic Rays
  11:50~12:30 “Forming Magnetic Switchbacks in the Expanding Solar Wind”
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J. Squire (University of Otago, New Zealand)
Magnetic Switchbacks
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
08:10 ~ 10:00     Chair: G. Hammett (PPPL)  
  08:10~08:40 “Compact Object Plasma Astrophysics”
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A. Philippov (Flatiron Institute)
  08:40~09:20 “Turbulence Suppression via Energetic Particles”
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A. Di Siena (UT-Austin)
Turbulence Suppression
  09:20~10:00 “First Results from Solar Orbiter”
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D. Berghmans (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
First Results from Solar Orbiter
10:00 ~ 10:20  Coffee  
10:20 ~ 12:30     Breakout Sessions  
  I. Reconnection     Coordinators: H. Ji (Princeton) / V. Igochine (IPP-Garching)
  10:20~10:40 “Plasmoid-Dominated Turbulent Reconnection in a Low-β Plasma”
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S. Zenitani (Kobe University)
  10:40~11:00 “Plasmoid-Mediated Turbulent Reconnection in Hall MHD”
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Y.-M. Huang (Princeton)
Plasmoid-Mediated Turbulent Reconnection
  11:00~11:20 “Current Sheet Statistics in Turbulent Plasmas”
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N. Jain (Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, TU Berlin)
  11:20~11:40 “Progress in Sawtooth Magnetic Reconnection Experiments at DIII-D”
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W. Fox (PPPL)
DIII-D Sawtooth Magnetic Reconnection Experiments
  11:40~12:00 “Stable and Unstable Electron Velocity-Space Distributions
Formed by Kinetic Reconnection”   Video Link
X. Yao (Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, TU Berlin)
  12:00~12:30 Discussion
   Video Link
  II. Turbulence     Coordinators: G. Hammett (PPPL) / F. Jenko (IPP-Garching)
  10:20~10:40 “Introducing GENE-X: A Full-f Gyrokinetic Code for the Edge and Scrape-Off Layer”  No Video Link  D. Michels (IPP-Garching)
  10:40~11:00 “Initial Gkeyll Simulations of Scrape-Off-Layer Turbulence in ASDEX-U”
   Video Link
R. Mukherjee (PPPL)
Gkeyll Turbulence Simulations
  11:00~11:20 “Simulating Ion-Temperature-Gradient-Driven Turbulence in a Hybrid Kinetic Model”
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A. Mustonen (IPP-Garching)
Simulating Gradient Turbulence
  11:20~11:40 “Hybrid Formulation of Fully Kinetic and Gyrokinetic Hamiltonian Field Theory for Space and Laboratory Plasmas”
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F. deOliveira Lopes (IPP-Garching)
Theories for Lab & Space Plasmas
  11:40~12:00 “Stability of Magnetized Pair Plasmas in Astrophysical and Laboratory Systems”
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M. J. Pueschel (DIFFER)
  12:00~12:20 “PIC Simulations of Perpendicular Collisionless Shocks in Multiple-Ion GRB plasmas”
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J. Graw (IPP-Garching)
  III. Stellarators     Coordinators: P. Helander (IPP-Greifswald) / S. Hudson(PPPL)
  10:20~10:40 “Quasisymmetric Equilibria with Anisotropic Pressure”
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E. Rodriguez (Princeton)
Quasisymmetric Equilibria
  10:40~11:00 “Optimization of Ion- Temperature-Gradient Mode Stability in Stellarators”
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G. Roberg-Clark (IPP-Greifswald)
Optimization of Ion Stability in Stellarators
  11:00~11:20 “Algorithms for Combined Free-Boundary Plasma & Coil Optimization”
   Video Link
S. Henneberg (IPP-Greifswald)
Coil & Plasma Optimization Algorithms
  11:20~11:40 “Automatic Differentiation for Scientific Discovery and Design:
  Useful, Elegant, and Underutilized”   Video Link
N. McGreivy (Princeton)  Twitter (Thread)
Automatic Differentiation (Slides)
  11:40~12:00 “Extending M3D-C1 to Stellarator Geometry: Preliminary Results”
   Video Link
Y. Zhou (PPPL)
  12:00~12:30 Discussion
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Thursday, January 21, 2021
08:10 ~ 10:20     Chair: V. Springel (MPI Astrophysics-Garching)  
  08:10~08:30 “Magnetized Plasma Around Active Neutron Stars”
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A. Beloborodov (Columbia)
  08:30~09:00 “Cosmic-Ray Propagation in Simulations of Star-Forming Galactic Disks”
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L. Armilotta (Princeton)
  09:00~09:30 “Perpendicular High-Mach Shocks: PIC Simulations Vs In-Situ Measurements”
   Video Link
A. Bohdan (DESY)
PIC Simulations vs In-Situ Measurements
  09:30~10:00 Summary of Breakout Sessions (January 20)
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10:00 ~ 10:20 Coffee  
10:20 ~ 12:30     Breakout Sessions  
  I. Dynamo     Coordinators: M. Käpylä (MPI-Göttingen) / M. Kunz (Princeton)  
  10:20~10:40 “Stretching, Mixing and Tearing: Magnetic Self-Organization in High-Resolution Simulations of the Turbulent Dynamo in Pm>1 plasma”  No Video Link A. Galishnikova (Princeton)
  10:40~11:00 “Plasma Small-Scale Dynamo”
   Video Link
D. St.-Onge (Oxford)
Plasma Small-Scale Dynamo
  11:00~11:20 “Weibel Seeding of Kinetic Small-Scale Dynamo”
  No Video Link
M. Zhou (MIT)
  11:20~11:40 “Small-scale Dynamo Action at Very Low Magnetic Prandtl Numbers”
  No Video Link
J. Warnecke (MPI-Göttingen)
  11:40~12:00 “Compressible Test- Field Method and Application to Small-Scale Dynamo”
  No Video Link
M. Rheinhardt (Aalto University, Finland)
  12:00~12:30 Discussion
   Video Link
  II. Reconnection     Coordinators: H. Ji (Princeton) / V. Igochine (IPP-Garching)  
  10:20~10:40 “EUV Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of Eruptive Solar Flares by HINODE”
   Video Link
H. Hara (NAOJ)
  10:40~11:00 “Campfires: New Observations with Solar Orbiter and Reconnection Models”
   Video Link
H. Peter (MPI-Göttingen)
  11:00~11:20 “The Parker Problem: A Coronal Loop Braided by Realistic Photospheric Motions”
   Video Link
C. Breu (MPI-Göttingen)
Coronal Loop in a Box
  11:20~11:40 “Laboratory Study of Threshold for Solar Eruptions”
   Video Link
A. Alt (PPPL)
Solar Eruptions
  11:40~12:00 “Gyrokinetic Studies of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Corona”
  No Video Link
M. J. Pueschel (DIFFER)
  12:00~12:20 “Thermodynamics of the Collisional- Collisionless Phase Transition in Magnetic Reconnection”
   Video Link
J. Jara-Almonte (PPPL)
  III. Innovations in Plasma Simulations     Coordinator: A. Spitkovsky (Princeton)  
  10:20~10:40 “Coupling Scales in Relativistic Plasmas”
   Video Link
B. Ripperda (Flatiron Institute/Princeton)
Coupling Scales in Relativistic Plasmas
  10:40~11:00 “MHD-PIC Method and Applications”
   Video Link
X. Bai (Tsinghua University)
  11:00~11:20 “Alias-Free, Quadrature-Free, and Matrix-Free Discontinuous
  Galerkin Algorithm for Kinetic Equations”   Video Link
J. Juno (University of Iowa)
Discontinuous Galerkin Algorithms
  11:20~11:40 “Structure-Preserving Geometric PIC Algorithms”
   Video Link
H. Qin (PPPL)
  11:40~12:00 “Simplex-in-Cell Simulations”
   Video Link
S. Totorica (Princeton)
Simplex In-Cell Simulations
  12:00~12:20 “First-Principles Coupling of Core and Edge Gyrokinetic Models in
Speeding-Up the Simulation of the Whole Device Plasma”    not presented
J. Dominski (PPPL)
Friday, January 22, 2021
08:10 ~ 10:00     Chair: S. Günter (IPP-Garching)  
  08:10~08:30 “Interaction between Energetic- Particle-Driven MHD Mode and Drift-Wave Turbulence”
   Video Link
A. Ishizawa (Kyoto University)
  08:30~09:00 “Nonlinear Simulations of Transient Events in Tokamaks”
   Video Link
M. Hölzl (IPP-Garching)
3D MHD Simulations
  09:00~09:30 "Proton-Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration: Predicting the Impact of Misalignment in a Novel Accelerator Experiment at CERN"   Video Link M. Weidl (IPP-Garching)
  09:30~10:00 Summary of Breakout Sessions (January 21)
   Video Link
10:00 ~ 10:20 Coffee  
10:20 ~ 12:30     Breakout Sessions  
  I. Reconnection     Coordinators: H. Ji (Princeton) / V. Igochine (IPP-Garching)  
  10:20~10:40 “Updates from Tokyo Reconnection Experiments”
   Video Link
Y. Ono (University of Tokyo)
Drift Wave Turbulence
  10:40~11:00 “Ion Polarization Drift and Fast Guide Field Reconnection”
   Video Link
S. Bose (PPPL)
Field Reconnection
  11:00~11:20 “Kinetic Simulations of Sawtooth Crashes”
   Video Link
R. Kumar (PPPL)
Sawtooth Crashes
  11:20~11:40 “Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Accelerating Particles in Magnetically Dominated Turbulent Plasmas”   No Video Link L. Comisso (Columbia)
Magnetic Particle Acceleration
  11:40~12:00 “Reconnection During Edge-Localized-Modes”
  Video Link
F. Ebrahimi (PPPL)
  12:00~12:30 Discussion
  Video Link
  II. Energetic Particles     Coordinators: P. Lauber (IPP-Garching) / Y. Todo (NIFS)  
  10:20~10:40 “Nonlinear Simulation of Energetic Particle-Driven Alfvén Modes using M3D-C1”
   Video Link
C. Liu (PPPL)
Non Linear Simulation using M3D-C1
  10:40~11:00 “Kinetic-MHD Hybrid Simulations of the Peripheral Energetic-Particle-Driven Instabilities in Heliotron-J Plasmas”   Video Link P. Adulsiriswad (Kyoto University)
MHD Hybrid Simulations
  11:00~11:20 “Nonlinear Simulations of MHD Modes with Strong Energetic Particle Pressure Redistribution in the LHD Stellarator”   Video Link M. Idouakass (NIFS)
  11:20~11:40 “Hybrid Simulations of Global Alfven Eigenmodes Excitation and Stabilization in NSTX-U”   Video Link E. Belova (PPPL)
Non Linear Simulations in NSTX-U
  11:40~12:00 “Mictroturbulence-Mediated Route for Energetic Ion Transport and Alfvenic Mode Oscillations”   Video Link N. Gorelenkov (PPPL)
Microturbulance-Mediated Ion Transport
  12:00~12:30 Discussion   Video Link   
  III. Dynamo     Coordinators: M. Käpylä (MPI-Göttingen) / M. Kunz (Princeton)  
  10:20~10:40 “Small-Scale Dynamo in the Horizontal Shear Turbulence of Stellar Radiative Zones”
   Video Link
V. Skoutnev (Princeton)
Small-scale Dynamo in Stellar Radiative Zones
  10:40~11:00 “Solar Equilibrium à la Grad-Shafranov”
   Video Link
L. Gunderson (Princeton)
  11:00~11:20 “The Importance of Turbulence in Generating the Near-Surface Shear Layer”
   Video Link
A. Barekat (MPI-Göttingen)
Importance of Turbulence
  11:20~11:40 “A Proposed Near-Surface Shear Layer Experiment”
   Video Link
E. Gilson (PPPL)
Near-Surface Shear Layer Experiment
  11:40~12:00  “Non-Axisymmetric Mode in the MRI Experiment”
   Video Link
Y. Wang (Princeton)
MRI Experiment
  12:00~12:30 Discussion not held  
Monday, January 25, 2021
08:00-10:00     Chair: S. Okamura (NINS)  
  08:00~08:30 “Energetic Electron Effects on Alfvén Eigenmodes”
   Video Link
J. Wang (NIFS)
EE Effects on Alfvén Eigenmodes
  08:30~09:00 “Global Gyrokinetic Simulations with GENE-3D”
   Video Link
A. Banon-Navarro (IPP-Garching)
Gyrokinetic Simulations with GENE-3D
  09:00~09:30 “Predicting Non-Resonant Pressure-Driven MHD Modes in Equilibria with Low Magnetic Shear”
   Video Link
A. Wright (PPPL)
MHD Modes with Low Magnetic Shear
  09:30~10:00 “Fast Magnetic Reconnection in Highly-Extended Current Sheets in Laser-Produced Plasmas”
   Video Link
W. Fox (PPPL)
Reconnection in Laser Induced Plasmas
10:00 ~ 10:20 Coffee  
10:20 ~ 12:30     Chair: M. Käpylä (MPI-Göttingen)  
  10:20~10:50 “Probing Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares with Radio-Spectral Imaging”
   Video Link
B. Chen (NJIT)
  10:50~11:20 “Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Coronal Heating”
   Video Link
P. Chitta (MPI-Göttingen)
  11:20~12:00 “Sub-Grid Models in MHD Turbulence: Model Overview and Knowing What to Capture”
   Video Link
P. Grete (Michigan State University)
  12:00~12:30 Summary of Breakout Sessions (on January 22)
   Video Link
Tuesday, January 26, 2021  
08:00 ~ 10:00     Chair: H. Ji (Princeton)  
  08:00~08:30 “Revisiting Particle Acceleration at Relativistic Shocks”
   Video Link
B. Reville (MPI-HD)
Particle Acceleration at Relativistic Shocks
  08:30~09:00 “MHD Turbulence Mediated by the Plasmoid Instability”
   No Video Link
C. Dong (Princeton)
  09:00~09:30 “Sources of Suprathermal Particles Observed in the Solar Wind.”
   Video Link
O. Khabarova (IZMIRAN, Moscow)
  09:30~10:00 “Nonthermal Particle Acceleration During Magnetic Reconnection”
   Video Link
F. Guo (LANL)
10:00 ~ 10:20 Coffee  
10:20~12:20 Collaboration Plans: A. Bhattacharjee and Coordinators
   No Video Link
12:20~12:30 Adjournment: S. Günter  


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