Eve Ostriker

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
Asst. Chair, Astrophical Sciences Department
Office Phone
Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University

Eve Ostriker is currently working intensively on several aspects of the interaction between cosmic rays and interstellar gas.  In particular, with collaborators she is (1) using MHD-PIC methods to study the interaction between streaming cosmic rays and partially-ionized gas, in  order to understand the transport of cosmic rays through atomic and molecular clouds in the  ISM, where damping of alfven waves by  ion-neutral collisions limits scattering; and (2) using a numerical two-moment cosmic rays fluid code to study the detailed distribution of cosmic  rays (both GeV and lower-energy) with ISM gas and magnetic fields from pc-to-kpc scales, as produced by simulations of the three-phase star-forming ISM.